Where the Pictures are Better

Phoebe, 21, Goldsmiths radio student. They/them. I make sounds in the shape of stories and publish them over at Better Pictures Productions.

Looking Back at Echo Chamber

It’s been a little while now since my final coursework piece, Echo Chamber, was submitted and subsequently published online. (psst… listen here!) Following that and a little while of stressful waiting, I got the news that I had graduated my degree with a first-class honours! A lot of hard work went into not only EchoContinue reading “Looking Back at Echo Chamber”

Why Audio is Important

Given the state of the world at the moment, I’ve been putting off starting this blog. It seemed like there was no place to start, or, for that matter, stop. A couple weeks ago, before we were all told not to leave our homes, I was doing some freelance work as a broadcast assistant downContinue reading “Why Audio is Important”

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